Jolla’s Sailfish OS smartphone goes on sale in India, exclusively on

As expected, Jolla’s Sailfish OS-powered smartphone is now on sale in India, available exclusively through, one of India’s major online marketplaces. Founded by a group of ex-Nokia employees who believed that MeeGo deserved a second chance, Jolla is the first smartphone to offer a fresh take on the forgotten platform, which is now called Sailfish OS, and the bundled Sailfish browser is built on Mozilla’s open source Gecko browser engine. Last December, we announced the Jolla smartphone was finally going on sale across Europe through an online store on Jolla’s website. And now, it’s available in India too, for Rs. 16,499 ($270…

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2,400 Phones 4U staff lose their jobs as networks circle

Roughly half of Phones 4U’s staff are to be laid off, while EE, Vodafone and Dixons Carphone snap up other stores.

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Apple: Almost 50% of the iOS devices that visited the App Store Sunday were iOS 8 (9to5Mac readers: 80%)

Apple isn’t bragging on its iOS 8 adoption numbers like it has in years past because it appears uptake has been slightly slower. The reason? The much bigger iOS 8 download doesn’t fit on many people’s devices which are often stuffed to capacity with music, movies, photos and apps. (Hint: Here’s how to slim some GBs […]

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Huawei’s just bought an internet-of-things startup

Whenever we talk about Huawei, it’s normally within the context of the company’s growing smartphone business. What we don’t talk about as much is the Chinese giant’s massive networking operation — but it’s this department that’s making a big entry into the Internet of Things. Huawei has announced that it’s buying Neul, a Cambridge-based startup that specializes in building low-power wireless sensors for monitoring in various industrial and medical applications. Neul is probably most famous for having built the UK’s first smart road, a 50-mile chunk of highway designed to monitor traffic flow and avoid congestion. Huawei has pledged to use its vast resources to turn Neul’s Cambridge HQ into an "internet of things stronghold" which, we’re sure, will go down really well with those people who refuse to deal with the company on security grounds.

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Anonymous Peer-review Comments May Spark Legal Battle

sciencehabit writes: The power of anonymous comments — and the liability of those who make them — is at the heart of a possible legal battle embroiling PubPeer, an online forum launched in October 2012 for anonymous, postpublication peer review. A researcher who claims that comments on PubPeer caused him to lose a tenured faculty job offer now intends to press legal charges against the person or people behind these posts — provided he can uncover their identities, his lawyer says.

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Short film: Kirsten Dunst deals with the stupidity of selfies

Short film: Kirsten Dunst deals with the stupidity of selfies

Kirsten Dunst plays herself in this short film directed by Matthew Frost: Two young women approach Kirsten on the street to take a selfie with her. The girls are more interested in the impact the selfie will have on their Instagram fans than in actually meeting her face to face. A sign of the times, I guess.

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Google to build gigantic 120-megawatt data center in the Netherlands

The $772 million facility in Eemshaven will benefit from proximity to the landing point of major international submarine cables, as well as a good deal of renewable energy, reports say.

Google to build gigantic 120-megawatt data center in the Netherlands originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.

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Apple’s App Store Usage Numbers Suggest 46% Adoption Rate for iOS 8

Roughly a week after its initial release, iOS 8 is now installed on 46% of devices connected to the App Store, according to the latest numbers posted on Apple’s App Store developer support page (via iClarified). The numbers also indicate that 49% of users are using iOS 7 while 5% of users are on older versions of iOS.
Earlier this month, Apple’s analytics indicated that 92% of devices connected to the App Store were using iOS 7, while 7% were using iOS 6 and 1% were on earlier versions of the mobile operating system. In December 2013, iOS 7 usage was at 74 percent, which jumped to 78 percent later that month. In late January, iOS 7 usage was at 80% and then scaled to 85% in March.

iOS 8 was released last Tuesday and brought several new features like Continuity, third-party keyboards, interactive notifications and more. However, a number of users have experienced a variety of problems with the operating system’s initial release, including irregular battery drain, slow Wi-Fi, app crashes, and more.

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Google Now has a new card, which will keep an eye on flight prices for you.

Google Now has a new card, which will keep an eye on flight prices for you. If you’ve been shopping on Google’s flight comparison site recently, it would appear that you’ll get a Now card popping up with current flight prices for your intended destination on it. Now if only it could organise all your frequent-flyer miles…[Android Police]

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Tour the solar system by walking around a huge, dilapidated building

Becky writes, "Shrinking Space productions have transformed the vast and dilapidated market building at Circus St in Brighton, UK into an audiosphere representing the entire solar system."

When you enter "Mind’s Eye" you are given headphones and a ready-tuned hand-held radio.

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