iPhone 6 And 6 Plus Arrive In China On October 17

iphone-6-6-plus Apple has announced the official launch date for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in China. On October 10, customers will be able to pre-order the devices from Apple’s site. On October 14, they’ll be able to put earlier orders in at Apple’s retail locations, and devices will become available for pickup on October 17. Read More


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Apple Pay settings and reference to Touch ID on iPad found in iOS 8.1 beta

Apple Pay settings and reference to Touch ID on iPad found in iOS 8.1 beta

The first beta of iOS 8.1 has been found to include a couple of notable additions related to Apple Pay.


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How the hell can an ice cube turn into an ice sphere using brute force?

How the hell can an ice cube turn into an ice sphere using brute force?

In Japan they love to make perfect ice for perfect drinks. For that they use these metal machines to turn huge ice cubes into ice spheres using nothing but brute force. Surprisingly, the ice doesn’t break thanks to the MAGICS of physics. The pressure is huge but so slow that the cube melts into its new shape.

The machines are not new but, if you haven’t seen them before, it’s both a fascinating and extremely satisfying process.


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You can swap out Project Ara’s modules without switching the phone off

Back in April, Project Ara’s Module Developers Kit revealed that the phone’s battery will be hot-swappable; in other words, you can replace it without having to switch the phone off. Nifty trick, right? Well, the feature’s apparently not limited to the device’s battery. Project director Paul Eremenko has recently divulged in a keynote that you’ll be able to swap the phone’s other modules around, save for the CPU and display, even if you’re in the middle of typing out a message or of a phone call. You’ve got the modified version of Android L that the team developed with non-profit org Linaro to thank for that, as it was the key ingredient Team Ara needed to make most of the phone’s components hot-swappable.

Say you’re taking pictures of friends when you suddenly remember that you have a module equipped with a better camera — you can presumably just switch the two right then and there while your friends are in mid-pose. Other than that, Eremenko has also revealed that Google plans to build an online store that sells different types of modules (think Google Play, but for Ara parts), so ready your wallets if customizing phones are your thing.

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Leading ladies of gaming celebrated on Humble Bundle

Pay what you want for games like Lilly Looking Through, Ms. Splosion Man and The Cat Lady with female protagonists and help raise money for the Girls Make Games scholarship fund.


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Tougher security bolsters the Blackphone

For a phone with mid-tier hardware, the Blackphone punches high with nearly $900 worth of security and privacy tools. Here’s what using the phone looks like.


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No black art to the Blackphone’s quest for smartphone privacy

While the Blackphone is off to a lukewarm start, our hands-on with the privacy-protective, Android-based smartphone finds that it simplifies staying safe on the go.


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Apple, Can We Talk?

It’s been a quiet week for Apple, to judge by the company’s public statements. Except, of course, it wasn’t: The tech headlines have been overloaded with posts about Apple shipping a buggy iOS update that could disable the phone part of an iPhone 6, a few iPhone 6 Plus owners complaining that their phones bent in their pockets, and whether a newly-found bug in a basic component of Unix could affect Apple’s Unix-based OS X. http://ift.tt/eA8V8J

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Hem, Fab’s Pivot Into Home Furnishings, Goes Live In 40 Markets

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 23.49.14 Three months after Fab.com, the New York-based design/fashion marketplace, acquired Helsinki’s One Nordic and announced its intention to pivot its European business to focus solely on original home furnishings, the company is putting its eggs into a new basket — or basket chair, as the case may be. Today it is launching Hem, selling Scandinavian-style tables, shelves and… Read More


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I want to have these Beatles pancakes every morning

I want to have these Beatles pancakes every morning

This is pretty damn silly, but I love pancakes and I love The Beatles, so I will just leave this video by pancake illustrator Nathan Shields right here:


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