Comcast’s cloud DVR starts serving up recordings you can watch anywhere

In the midst of attempting to gobble up its largest counterpart, battle Netflix on net neutrality and face down customer service scandals, Comcast is still slowly extending its new TV platform. The latest addition to its X1 setup is enhancing the cloud DVR feature that CEO Brian Roberts showed off at the beginning of the year. While the 500GB cloud DVR and in-home streaming are already a part of the system in several areas, in the Bay Area and Houston viewers can stream or download recordings to their mobile devices (iOS or Android, PCs can only stream) starting today. Inside the house, the X1 app fulfills Roberts promise of turning any mobile device into a television, with access to live TV streaming, recordings and video on-demand.

Of course others like Sling and TiVo have been way ahead in bringing TV shows, live or recorded, to small screens, and providers like Dish Network, AT&T and DirecTV have also pushed multiscreen viewing including recordings and downloads. If you don’t have one of those though, it’s good to see Comcast rolling out the technology — especially since more of us could end up under its umbrella if the merger goes through — although we’ll need to try it out to see how well it actually works in practice. The cable giant recently decommissioned / downsized its Netflix competitor Streampix, but the option of offline viewing could put X1 in places streams don’t fit like airplanes or hotels with weak WiFi. Hopefully this is a sign of things picking up for X1. Next on the hitlist (after hiring a new exec to head up customer service) should be no more national outages, 4K, full streaming video access for devices like Roku, TiVo or the Xbox One and some useful apps for those new set-top boxes — oh and just for laughs, we’ll throw in that fabled Apple TV partnership, lower prices and HBO Go everywhere / for everyone.

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Chinese security forces administer rectal probes to 10,000 pigeons

All 10,000 were due to be released at the National Day celebration, and each had its anus checked for "dangerous materials" — security theater with Chinese characteristics.
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Eve Raises $2.3M To Rethink Programming

macbook While everybody in the tech industry seems to be trying to make programming easier to pick up, most of the efforts that have popped up either repackage the concepts found in existing languages or boil down the logic programmers use to the point where you don’t learn skills that are directly applicable to actual software development. Read More

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Cloud Storage Remains Competitive – Dropbox & OneDrive Compared


There’s no name in cloud storage that carries more weight than Dropbox. The plucky upstart has been around for six years and has survived attempts by much larger companies to oust it from the market. While Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft offer a competitor, many users still turn to Dropbox by default. With that said, Microsoft has made serious improvements to OneDrive and has become one of the most viable alternatives. Over the last year the company has increased the free storage limits, raised file size caps, and launched numerous apps. These improvements have made the service far better for…

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BuggyFun Review

BuggyFun allows children to create their own tracks for bugs to interact with for a unique open-ended experience.

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Microsoft cuts Surface Pro 3 and Type Cover keyboard price by 10% for schools in Canada, the UK and the US

Microsoft today launched the Surface for Education Program to offer special pricing for schools in Canada, the UK and the US. In short, the Surface Pro 3 and Type Cover keyboard bundle is available at a 10 percent discount. While schools need to check their local prices, here is the price reduction they can expect: There is some fine print worth noting. The products have to be purchased Microsoft’s Authorized Device Resellers and schools have to order a minimum of five units. See also – Surface Pro 3 review: Has Microsoft’s delicate compromise worked this time? and Surface Pro 3…

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Finance industry profiteers exploit prisoners’ families

Companies like Jpay lobby hard to be the exclusive conduit for remittances from prisoners’ families to the inmates, taking a huge rake off the top of funds sent to pay for essentials like warm clothes, medical care and food. Read the rest

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LinkedIn Flexes Its Search Engine Muscle, Adds College-Finding Tools For Students

University_Finder1 Last year, LinkedIn widened the net for potential users when it started to allow high schoolers to join its social network for professionals, and today it’s launching a clutch of features that it hopes will get them to stick around a while longer: three new tools — Decision Boards, University Outcome Rankings and University Finder — focus on college-bound students who are… Read More

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Sprint doubles data on high-end plans for families and businesses

Sprint has announced that, starting today, they are offering "double the data" on high-end data plans compared to AT&T and Verizon. Sprint’s 32GB, 40GB, and 60GB Family Share Pack plans will now offer 60GB, 80GB, and 100GB at no extra cost. Customers must sign up by October 31 in order to take advantage of the offer. Existing customers can take advantage of the promotion by visiting a Sprint retail store or call Sprint customer support.

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Get this reinforced skin case for your Galaxy S5 Active for 40% off today!

Sport a 3 dimensional look and brushed aluminum finish with the Rise Case from Body Glove. This durable gel case features reinforced corners for excellent impact protection, a horizontal raised pattern of the back which enhances grip and leaves access to your camera and ports.

The Body Glove Rise Case is available today for just $17.95; 40% off the list price! Backed by our 60-day return policy and fast shipping.

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