23 of the most gorgeous typefaces from August 2014


Sean Mitchell is an interactive designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of Type Release. As always, we bring you another month of gorgeous typefaces you simply must check out. How do these fare against last month’s? HVD Fonts: Brix Sans Brix Sans works perfectly for corporate and editorial design. Combined with Brix Slab, high and complex typographical challenges can be solved. Stawix: Dalle Dalle is a large font family ideally suited for body text and display uses. Font Bureau: Input Input is a flexible system of fonts designed specifically for code. Typesketchbook: Tolyer Tolyer is a clean and distressed sans-serif family…

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IBM’s Offers Workers Training and Pay Cuts

IBM is cutting the pay of some of its services workers by 10 percent while they are being trained in cloud, mobile and big data computing. http://ift.tt/eA8V8J

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Union Jack flag probably won’t change much if Scotland becomes independent-but they won’t be the last to leave

Tomorrow, Scotland votes on whether to become an independent country. The polls are running neck-and-neck, and one of the most enduring and fun discussions concerns what’ll happen to the U.K.’s iconic flag if the Scots vote "Yes!"

The current Union flag superimposes designs representing England, Scotland and Ireland:

When most of Ireland left the Union in 1921, there was speculation then that the Union Jack would have to change.

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Attempted gunpoint robbery of cyclist recorded on helmet camera

At first, cyclist Mike Graziano thought he was merely avoiding a collision with an inattentive motorcyclist. When the man cut him off again, though–and produced what looked like a handgun–the scenario became clear.

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Get Ready to Hit the Ice – NHL 2K is Coming to the App Store Soon

NHL 2K is coming out this fall for iOS.

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iPhone 6 still has no launch date at China Mobile

With no arrival date for Apple’s latest iPhone, China’s largest carrier will focus more on cheaper, unsubsidized phones.

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Samsung does sitcom? Get ready for ‘Best Future’

Tune into YouTube for the story of a "young Samsung," starring happy 20- and 30-somethings. There will be laughter. There will also be singing.

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Readdle updates its apps for iOS 8 with support for iCloud Drive, Extensions and more

Readdle updates its apps for iOS 8 with support for iCloud Drive, Extensions and more

Readdle has updated its popular productivity apps with new capabilities that take advantage of the new features enabled in iOS 8.


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Logitech Aims To Control the Smart Home

An anonymous reader writes: Household devices are getting smarter these days: the so-called internet of things is bringing software-controlled thermostats, lighting, and other appliances into the mainstream. Many companies are fighting for a piece of the pie, but Logitech is taking a different approach. They’re mostly known for computer peripherals, but they also make multi-function remote controls, and now they’re trying to build remotes that will control all of a home’s smart devices. "Logitech doesn’t want to own the device, it wants to own the app experience. But to do that, it had to build a software overlay and a controller that would convince people to put it in their homes. So it’s offering a $100 hub that combines IR, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and RF that will let you use the Logitech Harmony app to control gear that uses those protocols. This means if you have a SmartThings, a Peq or a Lutron hub, the Wi-Fi in the Logitech device will let you control the others’ gear from Logitech, which so far seems to have a much nicer interface." They’ve worked out partnerships with a lot of companies that are big in the home, like Nest, Honeywell, and Philips, all of whom seem to want this extra layer of control for the user.

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Gunslugs 2 gets an impressive new trailer, set to launch later this year

Gunslugs 2 gets an impressive new trailer, set to launch later this year

Gunslugs 2 is incoming. Are you ready for more chaotic action?


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