Man says he stood 44 hours in iPhone 6 line to win back wife

A Polish-born man in the UK says he split with his wife recently and getting an iPhone 6 might provide a path to getting her back.

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Accidents happen. That’s why the cloud needs a crumple zone

We’re all too painfully aware of cyber breaches — they’re inevitable. So it’s time to start implementing safety features — seat belts, crumple zones — into the cloud.

Accidents happen. That’s why the cloud needs a crumple zone originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.

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Microsoft pushes back the Xbox One’s launch in China

Xbox One

Bad news if you were hoping to pick up an Xbox One in Beijing next week: Microsoft has just delayed the game system’s launch in China from September 23rd to sometime before the end of the year. The company isn’t saying just prompted the last-minute pushback, but it claims that it needs extra time to offer "first rate gaming and entertainment experiences" — in short, something is still pretty rough around the edges. Whatever the reasons, Chinese gamers will have to wait a little while longer to get their first major console since the country lifted its years-long ban on fun-minded machines like this.

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Ask Slashdot: Alternate Software For Use On Smartboards?

SmarterThanMe (1679358) writes Teacher here, you can call me Mr. SmarterThanMe. I have a fancy smartboard installed in my room. Smartboards allow me to show students a whole range of other stuff other than just whatever I’m writing. I can prepare instructions and activities before the lesson and just move through the boards. I can pull up some students’ work and display it through the projector. I can bring up some stimulus for use in a writing task. So much better than blackboards. Except the software that comes bundled with this particular brand of smartboard is ridiculously clunky. Without naming this particular piece of software, and highlighting its shortfalls, has anyone got any suggestions on alternatives (open source or otherwise)? The main features that I’d like are: Handwriting recognition The ability to make and use templates Grids or guides or *something* to be able to teach measurement I have gold star stickers for any good suggestions.

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Home Depot ignored security warnings for years, employees say

Old antivirus, infrequent scans, and a security architect who pled guilty to sabotage.

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Report: Home Depot Ignored Warnings About Credit Card Hacking Since 2008

Report: Home Depot Ignored Warnings About Credit Card Hacking Since 2008

Home Depot is reeling after it confirmed this week that 56 million credit card users’ data was stolen from its payment database. Now, The New York Times says the home improvement store ignored security warnings from its own computer experts for the past six years. Yeesh.

The Times spoke with former Home Depot cybersecurity employees on condition of anonymity, who reported that multiple serious warnings about the company’s lack of computer security went unheeded for years.

Several former Home Depot employees said they were not surprised the company had been hacked. They said that over the years, when they sought new software and training, managers came back with the same response: "We sell hammers."

A mix of outdated security software, infrequent and incomplete network scans, and a lack of concern from the company’s leaders led to the massive leak, the former employees said.

Some members of its security team left as managers dismissed their concerns. Others wondered how Home Depot met industry standards for protecting customer data. One went so far as to warn friends to use cash, rather than credit cards, at the company’s stores.

After the Target credit card hack leaked 40 million credit and debit card users’ info, Home Depot assembled a team to beef up the company’s cybersecurity. In April, Home Depot began utilizing data-scrambling encryption at its point-of-sale equipment. But as the Times explains, that rollout was already behind:

But criminals were already deep in Home Depot’s systems. By the time the company learned on Sept. 2 from banks and law enforcement that it had been breached, hackers had been stealing millions of customers’ card information, unnoticed for months. The rollout of the company’s new encryption was not completed until last week.

Perhaps most shockingly, the man in charge of Home Depot’s in-store security, Ricky Joe Mitchell, isn’t even at his post right now: He was sentenced to four years in federal prison this April, after disabling the computer system of the last company that fired him. [The New York Times via The Verge]

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Post-It To Your Screen – 6 Sticky Note Apps For Windows


Whether you’re on Windows 7 or Windows 8, Post-its on your desktop or Start Screen can be extremely helpful for remembering small but important amounts of information. Stop cluttering up your desk and go digital with these fantastic sticky note apps. First up, for the desktop-inclined, we’ll cover those options before moving onto some modern Windows 8 options. Desktop Sticky Notes These solutions are perfect if you’re either running Windows 7 still, or if you’re on Windows 8 but prefer the desktop over the Start Screen. An honorable mention should also go out to Stickies, which some would argue is…

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Reasons (not) to trust Apple’s privacy promises

Apple’s new Ios privacy policy makes some bold promises about their technology’s wiretap-resistance, saying that even if Apple wanted to snoop on your messages, they couldn’t, but as EFF co-founder John Gilmore points out, Apple’s asking you to take an awful lot on faith here.
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Return Of The M&A

shutterstock_174261434 2014 has seen an unprecedented number of M&A transactions globally, especially within the tech sector. Global tech M&A was up 55% over last year, soaring to its highest level since 2000. Technology related transactions this year alone have generated over $100B. Read More

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GEGeek Tech Toolkit Fixes Windows Computers and Updates Itself

GEGeek Tech Toolkit Fixes Windows Computers and Updates Itself

If you’re the person friends, family and coworkers count on to fix their computers, you already know a portable USB toolkit is essential for repairs. GEGeek TechToolkit downloads hundreds of programs and updates itself.

We’ve covered portable app suites before, but GEGeek designed Tech Toolkit for computer repair technicians. It includes apps for finding malware and diagnosing computer problems. It also has portable versions off popular apps like Firefox and Reader, but mostly focuses on system diagnostic, malware removal and windows repair apps. The downloaded kit has over 250 apps.

Best of all: the suite always stays up to date. It uses Ketarin to find the latest updates for the included programs. Check it out at the link below.

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