With Talko App, Ray Ozzie Creates a Permanent Voice

Ray Ozzie, onetime chief software architect at Microsoft, has a way to make phone conversations as permanent and searchable as other Internet communication. http://ift.tt/eA8V8J

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This perfectly timed picture is not of a solar eclipse

This perfectly timed picture is not of a solar eclipse

I know this picture looks like the Moon is passing perfectly between the Earth and the Sun. And I know it seems like the people in the picture are trying to look at the eclipse. But this picture taken by Reddit user MDPPatrick is not of a solar eclipse. It’s just a perfectly timed snap of a basketball shot.

Pretty fantastic, right? Apparently this photo of a basketball game was taken with a Galaxy S4 in ‘sport’ mode. Not too shabby. Not too shabby at all.

This perfectly timed picture is not of a solar eclipse

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Ray Ozzie’s New Venture Talko Launches An App For Collaborative Voice Communications

Talko_PhoneScreen After two and a half years, former Microsoft chief architect Ray Ozzie and his team are finally ready to reveal what they’ve been working on. Called Talko, their new mobile app is designed to change the way consumers and enterprises collaborate with each other through a mix of live and asynchronous voice communications. Read More


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For those who dream big: Announcing the winners of the 2014 Google Science Fair


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I can’t have enough of this cover of an old Italian song

I can't have enough of this cover of an old Italian song

I’ve been listening to Mi Senti—the last EP by electronica music goddess Róisín Murphy—for the last few months. Her long-awaited new work—created with her partner Sebastiano Properzi—takes classic Italian songs from the 70s and turns them into masterful covers. Here’s Ancora Tu, originally by Lucio Battisti.

The music video uses footage from L’année dernière à Marienbad, the surreal film by Alain Resnais.

It takes some serious guts to cover Lucio Battisti or Mina and survive the ordeal not only unscathed but victorious. Her songs are very different from the originals, yet they completely capture their essence. Brava Murphy!

Irish singer, songwriter, producer, and musical goddess Róisín Murphy started her career with Mark Brydon in legendary trip-hop band Moloko. She then went on to release the albums Ruby Blue and Overpowered, plus many other singles and collaborations. Her songs have been featured in countless series and films. If you have ever danced in any club, you probably have shaken your booty to her tunes. You can buy Mi Senti in vinyl or download it here.

This is part of a series in which we are featuring really cool music videoclips. If you are a musician or a director with high quality work, please drop me a line here.

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UPS now lets you use 3D printers in nearly 100 US stores

UPS Store 3D printing

UPS’ experiment with in-store 3D printers apparently went off without a hitch — the shipping service has expanded the availability of 3D printing services from six test markets to nearly 100 locations across the US. While the hardware is still concentrated in a relatively small batch of cities, such as New York and Chicago, there’s now a much better chance that a shop near you has the gear for printing everything from prototypes to a one-of-a-kind phone cases. There’s no word of any additional rollouts at this stage. However, it’s reasonable to presume that more stores will get on-the-spot object making if it proves popular with crafters nationwide.


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The fun and weird moments of Tokyo Game Show 2014

The annual Tokyo Game Show has just wrapped up, and while there weren’t any major console announcements, we still had our fair share of memorable moments on the show floor. On top of trying several different virtual reality demos, we also watched Japanese girls giggle away at a romance simulation booth, and we even bumped into Japanese porn stars without realizing who they were at the time. Check out our list of TGS highlights in the gallery below.

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Messaging app company Line says it won’t hold an IPO this year after all

Line, the mobile messaging app from Japan with 500 million registered users, is putting its public listing on hold after revealing that it won’t seek an IPO this year as previously planned. The decision was confirmed in a statement to the Wall Street Journal. It emerged in August that Line had filed paperwork in both the US and Japan, hinting that it could pursue a dual listing that analysts speculate would value it at around $10 billion. Line’s business model sees it offer its chat app for free, but monetize around games, virtual items like stickers and as a marketing platform…

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We’re Finally Going to Be Able to Track Missing Airliners

We're Finally Going to Be Able to Track Missing Airliners

It’s only taken two major crashes and untold millions in search operations, but the world is finally going to have the capability to track airliners anywhere in the world.

A collaboration between Iridium and Nav Canada will see a constellation of 66 — count ‘em — satellites in orbit by 2017, and hopefully the tracking will be operational a year after that. The system is an offshoot of an existing space-based aircraft surveillance network called Aireon — the difference here is that the emergency tracking functionality will be available for free, to authorised rescue agencies.

Even better, Aireon shouldn’t require the installation of too much extra gear on airplanes themselves. It uses an existing system called ADS-B, whereby aircraft determine their position via GPS, and then broadcast that information to air traffic controllers via ground-based radio receivers. Aireon’s innovation is to put those receivers onto low-orbit satellites, thereby getting world-wide coverage, and putting an end to the black spots in traffic that have given conspiracy theorists so much room to work. [Ottawa Citizen]

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Watching a falcon hunt down a crow in the air is pretty terrifying

Watching a falcon hunt down a crow in the air is pretty terrifying

Seeing a falcon hunt down a crow from the falcon’s point of view in an aerial pursuit is not unlike seeing an airplane dogfight or a crazy aerial chase scene from an action movie. Only this is happening in nature all the time. And this particular crow has no chance against the falcons.

A Reddit user found the footage and it’s sort of horrifying to see but also impressive that we can get these sort of POV shots in nature now.


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