Contactless payments arrive on the London Underground, Overground, trams and DLR


As promised, Transport for London (TfL) today introduced contactless payments to the London Underground, Overground, trams and Docklands Light Railway (DLR). Rather than using an Oyster card, travel card or an old fashioned paper ticket, travelers will now be able to ‘tap-in’ with supported credit, debit and pre-paid cards, as well as relevant smartphone apps and wearables. Contactless payments have arrived! Between start of service & 8am there were 2,074 taps on the readers & 1,605 contactless cards used — Transport for London (@TfLOfficial) September 16, 2014 The advantage is that, unlike an Oyster card, people won’t need to continuously top-up. Contactless…

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Kaleidoscopic music video drags you into cool psychedelic vortex

Kaleidoscopic music video drags you into cool psychedelic vortex

2033 is the last single from French musician Leon. The video—directed by Thomas Blanchard—is kaleidoscopic collage of images that drags you into a psychedelic vortex of colors, shapes, and pop music. It may be too early to pop any pills, but coffee and this will have a similar effect.

Leon is a French singer and folk guitar player. His music is a cross between folk, indie rock and pop.

You can follow Leon’s work on his website and buy his music on iTunes.

This is part of a series in which we are featuring really cool music videoclips. If you are a musician or a director with high quality work, please drop me a line here.

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Netflix launches its movie and TV streaming service in Germany


Netflix is slowly spreading its on-demand television and movie streaming service across Europe. After reaching the shores of France, the company today entered Germany in a bid to grow its user base, revenue and international influence. The launch was announced in a tweet, and curious customers can register a new account via Subscriptions start from €7.99 per month, which is in line with other markets where Netflix already operates. The company has accrued a sizeable library of homegrown exclusives, including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and, most recently, the animated comedy BoJack Horseman. The first two have been…

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​Apple locks down iPhone 6 NFC to Apple Pay

While Apple has just hitched its wagon to NFC technology, new reports indicate the technology will only be available for use with Apple Pay.

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HarperCollins Is Now Using Digital Watermarks To Stop Ebook Piracy

HarperCollins Is Now Using Digital Watermarks To Stop Ebook Piracy

Pirating ebooks is a breeze. Their file sizes are so small that it usually takes all of 60 seconds between a Google search and having the book on your Kindle. Now, publishers have hit upon a solution that they hope will trip up pirates: an invisible, traceable watermark on every ebook sold.

HarperColllins and ebook distributor LibreDigital, have signed up to use a new technology called Guardian Watermarking for Publishing from Digimarc, a new anti-piracy technology that embeds an invisible watermark into ebooks at the time of transaction. The service is cloud-based and offers an easy-to-integrate API for most ebook formats, including EPUB, PDF and MOBI. These watermarks allow publishers to track the source of the leak and take necessary steps to plug the hole.

According to CNN:

Digimarc’s anti-piracy service then crawls the web 24×7 searching for watermarked content. When a watermark is detected, Digimarc provides the unique identifier to the publisher to match against its own transaction records. Digimarc Guardian Watermarks do not contain any personal or user information; the Digimarc Watermarks contain only anonymous digital IDs.

It’s important to remember that this isn’t something like DRM for ebooks. Indeed, the watermark itself is invisible to consumers. Instead it’s a (rather sneaky) way track down who exactly pirated an ebook and then probably slap a lawsuit against them.

Digimark says that the watermarks are "extremely difficult" to remove. But, in our experience, that’s exactly the kind of challenge pirates like. [CNN via SlashGear]

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Apple Restricting Use of NFC Antenna in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus to Apple Pay

The NFC antenna found on Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus will only be used with the company’s "Apple Pay" mobile payment solution and will not be available to developers for use in third-party apps, reports Cult of Mac. The confirmation comes by way of an Apple spokeswoman, who also declined to comment on future plans for the technology’s use in other instances.

The move is similar to the Touch ID sensor’s debut on the iPhone 5s last year, as Apple restricted its use to iTunes purchases and device unlocking. However, Apple announced at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference that developers would be able to integrate Touch ID into their iOS 8 apps. It is possible that Apple will allow NFC to be used with third-party apps at some point in the future, however it appears that the company is focused on polishing the technology for use with its own services.

Apple Pay will first launch in the United States next month as an update to iOS 8, and will be featured in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the Apple Watch when it launches next year. The service will be compatible with American Express, Mastercard and Visa credit/debit cards, with 220,000 U.S. retail stores listed as partners. Apple will also be launching an Apple Pay API for developers to integrate the service into their apps.

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AT&T commences pre-orders of new Moto X in black, bamboo and leather

Liked what you see with the new Moto X? Motorola is set to commence sales of the device in the US from 11 AM EST on Tuesday, but if you’d rather not wait, AT&T has the device up for pre-order right now.

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Accel Puts $8M Into Semmle To Grow Its Software Dev Analytics Platform

Semmle Semmle, a b2b startup with a business analytics platform that aims to optimize other companies’ IT projects by analyzing the quality of code their developers are writing and also by looking at factors such as how much money the business is spending on particular software development projects, has closed a new funding round — raising an $8 million Series A, led by Accel Partners. Read More

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Kindle security flaw can be exploited by hidden codes in e-books

Next time you come across a Kindle e-book link somewhere other than Amazon itself, you may want to make sure it’s not some dubious website before you hit download or "Send to Kindle." A security researcher by the name of Benjamin Daniel Musser has discovered that the "Manage Your Kindle" page contains a security hole — one that hackers can take advantage of with the help of e-books hiding malicious lines of code. Once you load the Kindle Library with a corrupted e-book (typically with a subject that includes <script src=";></script&gt;), a hacker gets access to your cookies, and, hence, your Amazon account credentials.

Based on the updates Musser wrote at the bottom of the report’s web page, he first discovered the flaw in October last year. Amazon patched it up shortly after he reported it, but it made its way back after a "Manage Your Kindle" overhaul. Still, he believes the issue should be easy to avoid, so long as you don’t download e-books (pirated or otherwise) from websites you don’t know. Aside from Kindle, another Amazon-owned service was also thrust into the spotlight earlier for exhibiting a security flaw. Audible, the company’s audiobooks service, apparently allowed users to use fake emails and credit card numbers in order to download as many files as they want. An Audible spokesperson stressed, however, that transactions made using fake credit cards were "closed quickly" and that the service takes credit card fraud seriously.

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OnApp buys SolusVM to boost the demand side of its federated marketplace

SolusVM will give OnApp a more bare-bones deployment option for those who want it, but more importantly it’s intended to increase demand for the spare capacity rattling around in the OnApp marketplace.

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