Gearbox Software enters the age of Battleborn

The maker of the Borderlands series is back with a brand-new sci-fi shooter. Here’s a first look at Battleborn.

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Elmo arrested in Time Square

elmo Read the rest

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“Probably a lot of pot smoking at Twitter,” says entrepreneur who dreams of floating libertarian island

Silicon Valley investor Peter Theil, who has better things to invest in than Twitter, trashes the company in a CNBC interview.

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Logitech extends Harmony line to control more of your home

Logitech’s got a new Harmony remote and it’s an even bigger push into home automation over the current Harmony Smart Control home theater remote lineup. Shipping this month, the new Harmony Home Control devices start at $99 for the Home Hub (which turns your smartphone or tablet into a home automation controller). Then there’s the Home Control for $149, which adds a simple, button-only remote. At the top of the line is the $349 Harmony Ultimate Home, which swaps out the simple remote for a 2.4 inch touch screen model (seen above). Available in either black or white, Harmony Home can control both your home theater and other devices from partners via IR, Bluetooth or WiFi. There’s a lengthy list of support, too: August, Honeywell, Kwikset, Lutron, Nest, PEQ, Philips, Schlage, SmartThings, Sylvania, Yale and Zuli.

Alongside the new devices, Logitech is also introducing the Harmony Developer Program, and promises to keep an up-to-date list of compatible devices on its site. If your current home automation solution includes ZigBee or Z-Wave devices, then the Harmony Hub Extender for $129 loops in those prevalent protocols to your Harmony Home Hub. We have full faith that the Harmony Home will be easy to program, but are less sure how well Harmony’s success in the home theater remote space will translate to controlling the entire home — compromises are sure to have been made — but we are certainly excited to see how it might.

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iOS 8, thoroughly reviewed

A big, developer-centric update completes the overhaul started in iOS 7.

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Leaked Details About Two New Kindles Appears Online

Leaked Details About Two New Kindles Appears Online

Details about two new upcoming Kindle readers have leaked online.

A German website first pointed out that information about the next generation of Amazon’s e-readers had appeared on the German version of Amazon’s website. It’s gone now, but not before revealing that there will be two new types: an upgraded "basic" version, and a new high-end product called the Kindle Voyage.

A cached version of Amazon’s Japanese homepage reveals more information: The Kindle Voyage will have a 300 ppi screen, come with a newly designed button page, and come in Wi-Fi and 3G. It looks like Amazon kept the screen at 6 inches.

Another interesting detail: Looks like there’s something called "intelligent front light," which is probably an automatic dimmer. How romantic!

Leaked Details About Two New Kindles Appears Online

It’s listed at around $322 for 3G and $245 for the Wi-Fi version; if these prices are correct, it’s a pretty big increase from Paperwhite. The Japanese page lists the dimensions of the Voyage at 6.2 cm x 11.5 cm x 0.8 cm, and lists is weight at 186 grams, so if the Voyage is more expensive than the Paperwhite, it will also be smaller and lighter.

We’ve reached out to Amazon to ask for verification about these leaks and will update if they confirm.

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Apple never planned to use sapphire crystal on the iPhone 6

Apple never planned to use sapphire crystal on the iPhone 6

It might be a long time before iPhones have a sapphire crystal display.

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Horizon, the App That Prevents Vertical Videos, Is Now On Android

Horizon, the App That Prevents Vertical Videos, Is Now On Android

Remember Horizon, the brilliant little iOS app that let you shoot horizontally-oriented videos no matter what angle you were holding your smartphone? It’s finally available on Android, ensuring your Moto X isn’t going to pollute YouTube with horrible portrait-oriented videos. Do the world a favor and download it, after all, it’s free. [Google Play Store - Horizon via The Next Web]

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ProCam 2 and ProCam XL 2 updated with support for iOS 8′s manual camera controls

ProCam 2 and ProCam XL 2 updated with support for iOS 8′s manual camera controls

ProCam 2 for iPhone and ProCame XL 2 for iPad have both been updated with new features enabled in iOS 8.

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ClassPass Lands $12 Million Series A Led By Fritz Lanman, Hank Vigil

Screenshot 2014-09-17 08.54.59 ClassPass, the subscription service that offers unlimited monthly access to various fitness classes around town, has just closed a $12 million Series A funding round, the majority of which is coming from existing ClassPass investors. Fritz Lanman and Hank Vigil are leading the round, with participation from existing investors such as David Tisch, Kal Vepuri, and Shana Fisher, among others. Read More

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