ZEFR Has Acquired Social Advertising Startup Engodo

zefr door Video monetization platform ZEFR could be looking to extend its advertising reach beyond YouTube with its acquisition of social advertising startup Engodo. Last week ZEFR entered into a purchase agreement with the Salt Lake City, Utah-based startup in what appears to be a cash-and-stock deal, according to an SEC filing. Read More


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The Startup CEO’s Daily Bag

The Startup CEO's Daily Bag

Being a CEO at a startup can mean just about anything these days, but you usually need to be prepared for a lot of different things while still being mobile. Everyday Carry reader Colin Ryan shares his bag.

The bag here is a Billingham Hadley Pro, which is actually a camera bag but apparently works well enough. Here’s what’s inside.

If you have a great go bag with a useful organization scheme and great features, let us know! You can share your bag by posting it to your personal Kinja blog using the tag featured bag or adding it to our Lifehacker Go Bag Show and Tell Flickr pool. Photos must be at least at least 640×360. Please include information about your bag, what you put in it, and any relevant details about how you made it awesome. If yours catches our eye, we might just feature it!

Billingham… | Everyday Carry


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In line with previous rumors, Apple said to be preparing iPad Air 2 for October launch

As has been previously rumored, Apple is said to be preparing for an October event to introduce an updated model of the iPad Air, according to the Commercial Times. Though earlier rumors of an event on October 21st have been shot down, there are still plenty of other days in October that Apple could hold […] http://ift.tt/eA8V8J

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Here’s what you missed at Gigaom’s ‘Future of AI’ meetup

Gigaom recently hosted a meetup featuring thought leaders and entrepreneurs in the world of artificial intelligence and deep learning. Watch the videos of their presentations here.

Here’s what you missed at Gigaom’s ‘Future of AI’ meetup originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.

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Iridium’s next-gen satellite network will search for missing planes at no charge

Iridium’s satellite broadband network will pull double-duty as a flight-tracking system. Iridium subsidiary Aireon is opening up the planned locator network to international rescue agencies for free.

Iridium’s next-gen satellite network will search for missing planes at no charge originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.

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Valve makes finding your next Steam game easier

When Valve debuted game-recommendation tags not long ago, it was apparently a precursor to something much bigger. Today the PC game-sales juggernaut has revealed a new look for its store that aims to put games in front of you that you didn’t even know you wanted. By utilizing the tags, your gaming history and a few other aspects, Valve has redesigned the homepage so that it’ll apparently make finding games you’re interested in a lot easier. The Discovery Queue gives you a chance to browse through suggested releases, wishlist them or skip updates on titles completely. Valve says that the list will refresh daily, giving you a chance to possibly find the next killer indie before anyone else.

Presumably these ratings, as well as the ability to follow "curators" that act as tastemakers for gaming, will go to further establish a taste profile (similar to what Netflix does). Oh, and as you can see in the image above, the app now sports a blue color scheme. Almost makes you want to buy something, no?

All Store changes on one handy page. Lots of stuff! http://t.co/bDpGnL370A

- Steam Database (@SteamDB) September 22, 2014

The new Steam Store is here. And yes, it’s blue. Told you so. http://t.co/4YniHgR7Hh

- Steam Database (@SteamDB) September 22, 2014

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[Sponsor] MacUpdate’s Biggest App Bundle of the Year


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This week’s sidebar poll: What paid music service do you use?

Vote in this week’s poll and tell us your favorite!

We’ve been having a bit of discussion around the water cooler that past week. It seems we (the editors here at AC) have all hit the device de-authorization limit for Google Play Music. That means, for the next year we’re stuck and can’t use the service on any new devices we happen to pick up for a review or for our own use.

We understand that this isn’t going to be a problem for most folks, but we just want to listen to some tunes on our phones. So that means we need to make a switch. That means we’re going to ask the biggest and best Android community on the planet what paid music service they are using.

Find the poll below, or on the home page in the sidebar to the right. Let us know which service — if any — you’re using and tell us how it’s working out in the comments!


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26 Games You’ll Be Playing This Fall

Plenty of great games have already been released in 2014, but there’s nothing quite like the ridiculous crunch of titles that flood shelves during the fall season. It might feel a little thin this year – a number of huge games have been pushed back to 2015 – but there’s still plenty of fun vying for a piece of your dwindling gaming budget. Polish your credit card and check out what’s due over the next three months. (Note: All games released between September 23 and December 22 http://ift.tt/eA8V8J

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Cyclist miraculously escapes death in spectacular traffic accident

Cyclist miraculously escapes death in spectacular traffic accident

This Russian cyclist miraculously escaped death when he got involved in what could have been a terrible traffic accident. Luckily no one got hurt, but I couldn’t help but to gasp when I saw the debris, resulting from the collision between the car and the truck, passing inches away from him.


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