Netflix officially says ‘enchanté’ to France

Netflix’s next big push into Europe isn’t exactly secret, but its plans are finally starting to bear fruit. As announced in a not-so-subtle tweet earlier tonight, the streaming media service has finally said "enchanté" to France, and it’s expected to launch in five other countries later this week, too. And the kicker? France hasn’t exactly been thrilled with the idea of an American media company swooping in and romancing its customers with the lure of Orange Is The New Black or (the seriously excellent) Bojack Horseman. Competitors like CanalPlay, a video-on-demand service run by Canal+, have been busy fleshing out their catalogs and snapping up rights to shows like House of Cards while Numericable just gave its customers free access to hundreds of shows. Still others are a little miffed that Netflix isn’t technically subject to a rule that would mandate that the service offer a full 40 percent of the media Netflix provides be French in origin. Naturally Netflix knows it can’t win over French hearts and minds by flouting rules, so it’s busy prepping content (like the dramatic Marseille) to help get the ball rolling. Allons-y!


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New Samsung ad claims Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus ‘imitates’ the Galaxy Note

More shots have been fired. Fresh from going after Apple with new videos that attack the products it launched last week — and even the bumpy coverage of its livestream broadcast — Samsung is now focusing on the fact that it launched a bigger smartphone first. In the video below, the Korean company digs into media reports which ridiculed the Note for being too big, and highlights those who suggest that Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus “imitates” the Note. We doubt Apple will return fire directly. Apple CEO Tim Cook already threw some shade when he told PBS that Google is the company’s chief…

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Oculus Rift CEO Says Classrooms of the Future Will Be In VR Goggles

jyosim writes "Oculus Rift isn’t just for gaming. Brendan Iribe, CEO of the VR company, says the immersive tech will be "one of the most transformative platforms for education of all time." In an interview with Chronicle of Higher Education, he imagined laser-scanning every object in the Smithsonian for students to explore, and collaborating in shared virtual spaces rather than campuses. "The next step past that is when you have shared space, and not only do you believe that this object is right there in front of me, but I look around and I see other people just like we see each other now, and I really, truly believe that you’re right in front of me. We can look at each others’ eyes. If you look down at something, I can look down at the same time. And it’s every bit as good as this. And if we can make virtual reality every bit as good as real reality in terms of communications and the sense of shared presence with others, you can now educate people in virtual classrooms, you can now educate people with virtual objects, and we can all be in a classroom together [virtually], we can all be present, we can have relationships and communication that are just as good as the real classroom," he says.

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Watch Charlie Rose Online – Tim Cook

Watch Charlie Rose Online – Tim Cook

How would you change Sony’s Xperia SP?

You know the deal, we trawl our reviews archive, and then ask you what you think would have improved the product. This week it’s Sony’s Xperia SP, and in the hands of Jamie Rigg, it was deemed to be imperfect, but charming nevertheless. It was full of bloatware, had terrible WiFi reception and had a bland design, but the capable camera, snappy performance and long battery life more than made up for it. But what about you lot? Would you care to weigh in on what made this phone a delight or otherwise? Head on over to the forum.

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Source: Engadget Full RSS Feed, An E-Commerce Review Site For Emerging Markets, Raises $1M Series A

Globe by Andy Beatty on Flickr, a review platform for e-commerce businesses in emerging markets like Southeast Asia and India, announced today that it has raised a Series A round of $1 million led by Tengelmann Ventures, with participation from 500 Startups and returning investor Asia Venture Group. Read More

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New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Commercial Attacks Apple for iPhone 6 Plus

Samsung has introduced a new ad for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, talking about how the company first introduced the Galaxy Note series in 2011 and popularized the "phablet" form factor while calling out Apple for making the similarly sized iPhone 6 Plus three years later.

The ad begins recounting the history of the Galaxy Note before talking about some of the features of the device, like multi-window multitasking and its S-Pen stylus. The ad then shows articles from online publications criticizing Samsung for releasing the original Galaxy Note due to the device’s large size before showing articles praising Apple for releasing the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

Finally, the ad shows select tweets from users criticizing Apple for releasing the iPhone 6 Plus three years after Samsung started the Galaxy Note line of devices. The commercial ends with the release date for the new device.

Samsung has continually created advertising going after Apple, its products and its fan base, famously depicting people ogling the Samsung Galaxy S2 while waiting in line outside an Apple Store for the newest iPhone mode. More recently, Samsung published a series of web ads poking fun at Apple’s September 9 special events and rolled out a "Wall Huggers" ad campaign that pokes fun at the iPhone’s battery life.

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Samsung’s latest ad claims iPhone 6 Plus rips off Samsung’s 4 year old Phablet idea

Up is down, black is white. Bizarro.

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Supreme Court ruling has wiped out 11 “do it on a computer” patents so far

The balance of power is changing as courts vigorously apply Alice v. CLS Bank.

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Leaked Clips Show Windows 9 In Action

jasdfjksdf-1 (1) Around two weeks out from the purported release date of the technical preview of Windows 9, videos of the upcoming operating system have hit the Internet. German site WinFuture has released a mess of screenshots and videos of the upcoming code over the past few days, to our benefit. A number of clips are up for watching, detailing how Windows 9 will handle multiple desktops, the return of… Read More

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