How to setup new Notification Center widgets in iOS 8

How to setup new Notification Center widgets in iOS 8

Notification Center widgets are finally here in iOS 8.

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Drop $400 on a BTTF Mr. Fusion and Never Pay For Plutonium Again

Drop $400 on a BTTF Mr. Fusion and Never Pay For Plutonium Again

Unless you turned your daughter’s room into a nuclear reactor after she went off to college, you’re probably stuck paying the exorbitant market price for plutonium. It’s obscene, but the folks at Diamond Select Toys might have a solution. For $400 they’ll sell you a Mr. Fusion unit, just like the one used to power the time machine in the Back to the Future movies, solving all of your energy needs.

It’s important to note, that the folks at Diamond Select Toys, well known for detailed movie prop replicas, may not have actually created a compact working fusion reactor. Although this unit does light up, complete with sound effects, you probably shouldn’t rely on it if you’re a time traveler from the future who’s been stranded in 2014. But since this Mr. Fusion won’t be available until March of next year, we’ll have to wait until then to check the fine print. [Diamond Select Toys via Entertainment Earth]

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Efficiently Simplifying Navigation, Part 3: Interaction Design


Having addressed the information architecture and the various systems of navigation in the first two articles of this series, the last step is to efficiently simplify the navigation experience — specifically, by carefully designing interaction with the navigation menu.

Efficiently Simplifying Navigation, Part 3: Interaction Design

When designing interaction with any type of navigation menu, we have to consider symbols, target areas, interaction event, layout, levels, functional context. It is possible to design these aspects in different ways. Designers often experiment with new techniques to create a more exciting navigation experience. And looking for new, more engaging solutions is a very good thing.

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Top Android device, accessory, and app deals for September 18

We’ve dug up some solid deals on apps, accessories, smartphones, and tablets. If there’s something you’ve been wanting to get your hands on, check out the list below. As always, if you find any discounts out in the world that isn’t listed, let us know in the comments!

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Campus Job Connects Companies With Students For Part-Time Work

Screenshot 2014-09-18 09.10.20 College students are constantly battling between two goals: getting good grades and proving they’re ready for the real world. Combining those two goals, however, can be really difficult for the student with a demanding schedule. That’s where Campus Job comes in. Campus Job is a platform built by Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman after they graduated from University of Pennsylvania in… Read More

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Anki Drive’s robotic race cars will play nice with Android starting in October

Ever since Anki Drive — a toy car racing system powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning — made a big splash at Apple’s WWDC 2013 keynote, it’s been iOS-only. That ends next month, however, as Anki Drive is finally coming to Android for the first time. Sean Levatino, Anki’s lead designer, tells us that one of the company’s big core commitments is accessibility, and Android compatibility is a big part of that. "We want to support as many platforms as possible," he says. Anki’s goal, after all, is to bring robotics to the masses.

So what took Anki so long? Mark Palatucci, Anki’s co-founder, says that it really had to do with Apple’s early support for Bluetooth low energy. "Only really in the past year have we seen Android phones adopt the standard in any real capacity," he says. Now as more modern Android devices support the standard, Anki’s finally able to roll out support for Android on a wide scale.

There is an important caveat however: for the time being, there is no cross-platform play. That means iOS users can’t race their cars against Android users and vice versa. That’s because the Android version uses WiFi for multiplayer support while the iOS app communicates via Bluetooth LE. "Eventually we’ll work on interoperability," says Palatucci, but the team wanted to focus on bringing the Android app to market first.

In the meantime, the iOS app is getting a huge update in terms of gameplay. For one thing, now you’ll be able to play in "Team mode." Players can gang up against an AI, or users can play team versus team, or you could even go up against three AI cars by yourself if you feel like a challenge. "We never really supported that," says Levatino, though he says that according to surveys, people were doing it unofficially anyway. The most recent update lets folks mix and match up to four human or AI players in teams, even letting you pair up with an AI if you wish.

Another welcome update to the iOS app is something called "Balance Cars Mode" which essentially lets new users play with higher-level folks without getting their asses whooped. When this mode is enabled, upgrades in the higher-level cars will be disabled to match that of the lowest level car for a more even playing field.

Anki is also rolling out a new character as part of this announcement. Called "Spectrix," the car has a trickster personality, with a special "Scrambler" ability that messes with other car’s systems and causes them to go out of control. "It’s fun to play on its own, but it really shines in team play," says Levatino. "It’s a great support character." The Spectrix is available today on for $69.99 and you can purchase it from other retailers later this week.

And that’s not all. Anki has also dropped the price of the Anki Starter Kit from $199.99 to $149.99 in the US (£149.99 in the UK). The Starter Kit, as a reminder, comes with two cars, their charging cases, a 3.5 foot by 8.5 foot race mat, a tire cleaner and a fast charger. The aforementioned iOS update should be available starting today while the Android app will be in the Google Play store some time in early to mid October.

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Mice & Mystics: awesome dungeoncrawler game for all ages

Mice and Mystics is a beautifully-produced board game that creates a relatively all-ages-friendly dungeon crawl RPG experience without need for a dungeon master. "My kids went absolutely bananas over this game in a way I haven’t seen before," says Jon Seagull Read the rest

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The Who Framed Roger Rabbit? board game reviewed

The board game based on the phantasmic film isn’t that great, but will be a coveted rarity for fans Read the rest

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Demoed at WWDC, Epic Zen Garden is now available to download in the App Store

First shown at WWDC, to demonstrate Metal (Apple’s new graphics API), Epic Zen Garden is now available in the App Store to download to try out on your newly-updated iOS 8 device. Although this is more tech demo than fully-fledged game, you can still get some enjoyment out of raking the sand or playing with the […]

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Amazon beats Google to the punch on .buy with $4.6M purchase

Amazon now owns the .buy top-level domain, giving it the opportunity to use it however it wishes in the future.

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