How I plan to use Apple’s HealthKit and other fitness-tracking apps to help save my life

I get it: I need to lose weight before I get too much older to increase the quality and longevity of my life. Thankfully, modern tools like Apple’s HealthKit are just the helpers I need.

How I plan to use Apple’s HealthKit and other fitness-tracking apps to help save my life originally published by Gigaom, © copyright 2014.

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iOS 8 How-to: Create the Medical ID

New in iOS 8 you are able to create a Medical ID in the Health App. Even though the rest of the Health app is down, the Medical ID is fully functioning. The Medical ID is important because in case of an emergency, medical responders can look at your phone and know any allergies or […]

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Rating the road to the wire-free PC

Commentary: Intel aims to eliminate USB, HDMI and the power cable in its quest to create the wire-free PC. But the journey will be a long one, and uneven in terms of its challenges.

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An Early Investor Offers Some Lessons From Alibaba’s Evolution

Alibaba NYSE Flags 3 A co-founder of GGV Capital, one of Alibaba’s earliest investors, reflects on the lessons other companies can take from how the e-commerce giant grew in China and how Yahoo’s investment in the company can still be a model for Western companies looking to enter the Chinese market. Read More

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Reversible, tiny, faster: Hands on with the USB Type-C plug

Ars chatted with some of the main actors behind the new plug that supports USB 3.1.

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This Website Gives Your Unloved Instagram Posts a Second Chance

This Website Gives Your Unloved Instagram Posts a Second Chance

We’ve all felt the sting of rejection. That perfectly crafted tweet gets no favorites. That smart and insightful Facebook post garners no comments. That amazingly timed Vine disappears into obscurity. No Likes Yet doesn’t want your Instagram pics to share a similar fate.

Once you connect your Instagram profile with the website, you enter a world of discarded social media ephemera—the posts that no one could take the time to like. The site’s most useful feature is its main feed, which gives you a robust survey of some of the strange, bland, and horribly framed food pics that exist on the platform, and a nice glimpse into what does and doesn’t jibe on Instagram.

This Website Gives Your Unloved Instagram Posts a Second Chance

On a more personal level, you can look at which of your friends photos also share the "no likes" curse as well as your own, so you can so you can stand together in Forever Alone solidarity. Of course, No More Like arms you with the tools to actually do something about your lack of Instagram engagement by allowing users to post a link via Twitter or Facebook accompanied with the pre-rendered phrase "Show some love to my Instagram photos that have never been liked." This seems a little too desperate for my tastes. If you’re not in love with the idea of your Instagram shortcomings being on display, if your profile on Instagram is set to private, then you should be getting any like from random strangers.

All in all, No Likes Yet scratches that same internet discovery itch that things like StumbleUpon and different random YouTube generators deliver. It’s a fun and unartistic way to pass the time, even if you are being entertained by the Instagram’s collective misery. [Yahoo via Wired]

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How to Open the System Information Panel on Windows 8

The System Information panel has always been a great way to get more information about your system, but in Windows 8 you will have a hard time figuring out how to open it. Here’s how to do it.

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Sound off! Is the end of the portable MP3 player nigh?

Sound off! Is the end of the portable MP3 player nigh?

It’s no secret the number of iPods that Apple has sold has significantly decreased over the last few years. As our smartphones have become more powerful and the types of tasks they’re capable of have grown, there’s been less of a need for having a device dedicated to only one type of activity. Is a dedicated portable MP3 player past its prime or does this type of device still have some life left? Visit the Engadget forums and let us know if you think the MP3 player can be saved.


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Take on a scarf knitting challenge in this 60-second game this fall

Take on a scarf knitting challenge in this 60-second game this fall

You can help Kuma knit the longest scarf in the world this fall, and in the meantime, check out the trailer and FeaturePlay videos for the game.

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Wired Profiles John Brooks, the Programmer Behind Richochet

wabrandsma writes with this excerpt from Wired: John Brooks, who is just 22 and a self-taught coder who dropped out of school at 13, was always concerned about privacy and civil liberties. Four years ago he began work on a program for encrypted instant messaging that uses Tor hidden services for the protected transmission of communications. The program, which he dubbed Ricochet, began as a hobby. But by the time he finished, he had a full-fledged desktop client that was easy to use, offered anonymity and encryption, and even resolved the issue of metadata—the "to" and "from" headers and IP addresses spy agencies use to identify and track communications—long before the public was aware that the NSA was routinely collecting metadata in bulk for its spy programs. The only problem Brooks had with the program was that few people were interested in using it. Although he’d made Ricochet’s code open source, Brooks never had it formally audited for security and did nothing to promote it, so few people even knew about it. Then the Snowden leaks happened and metadata made headlines. Brooks realized he already had a solution that resolved a problem everyone else was suddenly scrambling to fix. Though ordinary encrypted email and instant messaging protect the contents of communications, metadata allows authorities to map relationships between communicants and subpoena service providers for subscriber information that can help unmask whistleblowers, journalists’s sources and others.

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