iOS 8.1 Code Reveals Apple Pay Settings and Touch ID for iPads

iOS 8.1 Code Reveals Apple Pay Settings and Touch ID for iPads

The roll-out of iOS 8 hasn’t been a smooth one, but new reports suggest that a fully-fledged 8.1 update may not be far away. MacRumors reports that the first beta developer release of the next iteration of the OS contains setting for Apple Pay, which is set to launch October—along with references to Touch ID for iPad.

The code for iOS 8.1 appears to include a new Settings pane that allows users to manage credit and debit cards linked to Apple Pay, as well as defining a default card, billing and shipping address, email, and phone. There’s also a privacy disclaimer, which explains that card and device information, including location, may be sent back to Apple.

Elsewhere, the code also makes references to iPads being used to make payments, fuelled by the addition of Touch ID:

Pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.

It’s long been rumored that the iPad would pick up Touch ID, and code like this adds a little support to the speculation. What’s far more unclear is whether a future iPad might feature NFC or simply use Apple Pay for in-app purchases. Of course, this is all developer preview code, so it may not all actually turn into reality—apart from Apple Pay for iPhone, which we know is set to launch in October.

It does, however, suggest—as 9to5mac has speculated—that Apple may break with the traditional iOS update schedule for iOS 8, where a big update rolls out, roughly, in the first quarter of each year. Instead, if 8.1 arrives with Apple Pay next month, Apple may be rolling out big updates more regularly. But that’s speculation; let’s wait see. [Mac Rumors]

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Apple Watch Makes First Public Appearance at Parisian Fashion Boutique Colette

As indicated by an announcement yesterday, Apple has teamed up with Parisian fashion boutique Colette to show off the Apple Watch at the retailer’s gallery on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris for today only. The special event marks the first public appearance for the Apple Watch since being announced last month at a media event, as a long line began forming around Colette’s before the event started at 11 AM local time.

According to Engadget, Colette is displaying both the 38mm and 42mm versions of the Apple Watch to the public, while MacGeneration (Google Translate) states that the models being displayed are mostly from the Apple Watch Sport Collection while some are from the Apple Watch Collection. Also on display are some watches from the Apple Watch Edition Collection, which feature 18-karat gold casings and a sapphire display.

elle_apple_watch2 Image taken by Elle magazine editor-in-chief Robbie Myers
Customers are only being allowed to look at the devices and will not have the opportunity to actually try out the smartwatch’s capabilities. However, some journalists were allowed to try on the devices. Apple will also not be announcing any new details about the device at today’s event, as info about full pricing and battery life remain unknown.

ivenewsondesigners Left to right: Colette’s Sarah Andelman with Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Jony Ive, and Mark Newson (via Vogue’s Suzy Menkes)
A number of members from Apple’s industrial design team are also present at the event, including Apple’s Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive and newly hired Apple designer Marc Newson. Both Ive and Newson were also pictured with a number of high-profile fashion personalities, including notable designer Karl Lagerfeld and Vogue magazine editor-in-chief Anna Wintour. Other fashion journalists present also include Jean-Seb Stehli of Madame Figaro and Elle magazine editor-in-chief Robbie Myers.

In addition to positioning the Apple Watch as a brand new product, Apple has also been pushing the wearable device as a fashionable accessory. The company invited top fashion editors and bloggers to its September 9 media event, and even allowed some to go hands-on with the smartwatch. Fashion publications including InStyle and Voguewere impressed with the Apple Watch, praising its design and the Digital Crown input method. However, others like The Doneger Group’s Roseanne Morrison were unimpressed with the device, calling it "not pretty" and "future techno as opposed to feminine sexy."

At its event earlier this month, Apple said it is targeting a early 2015 launch for its wearable device. A report after the event stated that Apple would be "lucky" to launch the watch by Valentine’s Day due to software development issues. The Apple Watch will start at $349 and may run up to $1,200 for the high-end Edition version.

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EU: Ireland’s tax deals with Apple represent state aid and ‘selective advantage’

Apple Reports Quarterly Earnings

The European Commission is investigating whether Irish authorities have given Apple preferential treatment regarding its tax affairs. In its initial findings, the antitrust regulator accused Ireland of granting the company “state aid” and an unfair advantage. The opening of the case was announced back in June, but today the Commission published a preliminary report about its concerns and the information that it’s requested so far from Ireland. It focuses on two rulings, one in 1991 and another in 2007, between Apple Operations Europe (AOE) and the Irish Revenue, which outlined how net profit for Apple’s Irish branch would be calculated….

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Analyzing Silk Road 2.0

An anonymous reader writes: After a recent article about breaking the CAPTCHA on the latest incarnation of Silk Road (the darknet-enabled drug market place), Darryl Lau decided to investigate exactly what narcotics people were buying and selling online. He found roughly 13,000 separate listings. Some sellers identify the country they’re in, and the top six are the U.S., Australia, England, Germany, and the Netherlands, and Canada. The site also has a bunch of product reviews. If you assume that each review comes from a sale, and multiply that by the listed prices, reviewed items alone represent $20 million worth of business. Lau also has some interesting charts, graphs, and assorted stats. MDMA is the most listed and reviewed drug, and sellers are offering it in quantities of up to a kilogram at a time. The average price for the top 1000 items is $236. Prescription drugs represent a huge portion of the total listings, though no individual prescription drugs have high volume on their own.

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EU says Apple’s Irish tax deal is illegal

modern day pilgramage 2

An EU commission has accused Ireland of granting "state aid" tax breaks to Apple that may break market rules. That was the result of an investigation by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) over Irish deals brokered in 1991 and 2007. It has now asked Ireland to provide more information about its tax arrangements with Apple and other companies, including Fiat and Starbucks. The OECD also looking into Luxembourg and the Netherlands as part of a larger probe to find out if certain EU nations help multinational companies swerve taxes. At 12.5 percent, Ireland has a lower tax rate than any other EU country, and Cupertino’s complex tax deals there have been questioned before. As the US Senate saw recently, shuffling money around countries helps Apple avoid nearly $20 million a day in taxes — and the EU seems to have a dimmer view of its strategy than the SEC did.

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