TouchPal Third-Party Gesture Keyboard For iOS 8 Gets Video Demo

The developers behind numerous third-party keyboards for Android rejoiced at Apple’s announcement that iOS 8 would allow them to expand their reaches to the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch communities, and now, TouchPal has thrown its hat into the ring … Continue reading

OS Experience Brings True Desktop-Like Multitasking To iPad, Releasing Soon [VIDEO]

OS Experience Brings True Desktop-Like Multitasking To iPad, Releasing Soon [VIDEO]

When I see the amazing jailbreaks that come out, i think to myself, “WTF why the hell doesn’t apple do this stuff themselves???!” I mean seriously! Apple says, “Lets make a phone that has icons….thats all, just icons. Maybe optional onscreen keyboard…? NAH! Just icons.” anyway this tweak is pretty badass. My opinion, Apple is missing out on several if not hundreds of opportunities…Google will surpass them and i think its going to be soon.

How To Make Your MacBook Air Like New For Less Than $300

How To Make Your MacBook Air Like New For Less Than $300

Now thats what I am talking about! I am working on becoming an ios developer so having a macbook air is badass! BUT for a $1000 and up machine–with a 64gb solid state drive(ssd)– like mine, i cannot believe how terrible it is to run Xcode & god forbid ANYTHING else, at the same time. TWO Mac Minis with far superior power would have been more than enough but im new to the dev/mac world & didnt do my research. (i just like the design) Anyway!! This is a freaking magnificent finding and article for me. So if you have a 2011/2012 model macbook air that needs a kick in the ass so you can develop some programs(or whatever else) and not sit there hitting cmd-option-shift-esc every 5 minutes…. –plus u get to keep your old solid state drive(ssd) and a fancy sleek case to match that pretty little red… errr … aluminum headed step child of yours– then Check out the OTHER WORLD COMPUTING or OWC website, they have some pretty great buys for WAY less than apple would do(which they wont upgrade a macbook air, they say its not possible, yet it is).
screwdrivers and even a instructional dvd to guide you to a faster macbook air in minutes, included….for a little extra. [excuse my grammar & punctuation, for i was not a very bright english writing student