Sony’s RX10 camera now shoots higher-quality video at a lower price

Sony Cyber-shot RX10

Sony’s Cyber-shot RX10 is a pretty capable camera, but it still has weaknesses: it doesn’t shoot super high-quality XAVC-S video, and that steep $1,300 price is bound to steer some people toward DSLRs and mirrorless cams. Well, consider both of those problems licked. Sony has just put out new firmware (installable through Macs and Windows PCs) that lets it record in XAVC-S and preserve more detail in your movies. At the same time, the RX10’s price has dropped to $1,000; that’s still a lot of money to shell out for a camera with a non-replaceable lens, but it’s definitely more accessible. If you’ve been holding out for a few more reasons to try this superzoom, you may want to take another look.

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Source: Sony (Mac), (Windows)

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