Why you should use Gmail

Gmail is an effective tool that helps us keep in touch with the world

Oh, Gmail, I still remember when I first heard of you. I was still a young lad at the time, but I remember hoping for an invitation to join the service. It seemed like it was an invitation-only beta, or not open to the public, for such a long time. As I waited for my invitation to get an account, I watched numbers scroll upwards on a little ticker as Google made a point that it offered much more storage than Yahoo! and Hotmail, its biggest email competitors at the time.

The happy day finally did arrive. I got an invitation and opened up my Gmail account. Since then, I haven’t really used any other email services. Gmail gets the job done for me, plus some. But what is it that makes Google’s email service so great, and why should you use it? The following are just some of the reasons I use Gmail. I think you’ll think a lot of the following things are pretty cool, too.


Source: Android Central – Android Forums – News – Reviews – Help and Android Wallpapers http://ift.tt/1nLmoX8

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