This manicure is also a roofie detector

Close-up studio shot of woman applying nail polish

An experimental nail polish line called Undercover Colors can do more than color your nails to match those shoes: it can tell if your drink’s been spiked by a dubious date. Just pretend to stir the drink with your finger, and the polish will change color the moment it detects GHB, Rohypnol or Xanax (aka date rape drugs or roofies) in the liquid. Pretty cool, right? And certainly useful, seeing as 1.) date rape drugs are typically odorless and tasteless, and 2.) a recent Washington Post report has revealed that sexual assault cases on college campuses continue to grow from year to year.

Undercover Colors’ creators, a team of students from North Carolina State University have been working on the line for the past year. They’ve started shopping it to potential investors this summer, and, thus far, have raised $100,000 from a single investor and made some cash from a competition. The team’s still in the midst of testing the product, so you’ll have to make do with boring nail polishes and date-rape-drug-detecting coasters for now.

[Image credit: Jupiterimages/Getty]

Congrats to #undercovercolors at #eGames14! #ncstate #entrepreneurship #photofy #photofyapp @photofyapp

– Alanna Howard (@alanna_howard) April 24, 2014

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Via: SlashGear, Triangle Business Journal

Source: Unvercover Colors

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