Chromecast software vulnerability paves way for another root exploit

Google regularly rolls out Chromecast updates that plug up previous root-friendly exploits, but there’s a new method you can use if you want complete control over your streaming device. A group of hardware hackers (fail0verflow, Team Eureka and GTVHacker) have not only discovered a vulnerability in the latest Chromecast software, but also developed a way to exploit it and give you root access. This lets you tinker with the HDMI dongle, enable and disable stuff like software auto-updates and change any setting you wish, among other things. The team’s calling it "HubCap," and it works on both newly updated and brand new, fresh-out-the-box Chromecasts. You’ll need extra hardware to make it happen (a USB development board called Teensy used to root PS3s back in the day), but if you’re dead set on rooting your Chromecast, head over to XDA Developers for the full set of instructions.

[Thanks, CJ]

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Source: XDA Developers

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