PayPal Makes In-App Impulse Buying Way, Way Easier

PayPal Makes In-App Impulse Buying Way, Way Easier

You know how hard it is to buy anything from your smartphone. You need to look up your card details, tap them out precisely on the tiny screens and pray for the best. PayPal wants to make that process a snap.

It has released One Touch, a new product that is an impulse buyer’s dream. Once app makers integrate PayPal’s solution into their apps, users can simply tap a "Pay With PayPal" within the app and have their credit card details filled up for them instantly.

Braintree, which PayPal acquired last year, has a similar service called Venmo Touch, which allows you to quickly and easily checkout in mobile apps using the card linked to your Venmo account. But PayPal, of course, is vastly more popular than Venmo, which, obviously, the company is hoping to cash in on.

PayPal One Touch works with both Android and iOS apps (sorry Windows Phone users!). There’s no word on when the service will launch, but developers can sign up for the beta. [TechCrunch]

Source: Gizmodo

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