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Apple Hires Longtime Technology Journalist Anand Lal Shimpi

After announcing his departure from AnandTech, veteran technology journalist Anand Lal Shimpi will join Apple in an undisclosed role, reports Re/code. A representative for Apple confirmed that Shimpi would be joining the company, but also declined to provide any further details.

anand_shimpi Image credit: Anandtech
Shimpi launched AnandTech in 1997 and established the website’s reputation around in-depth analysis and reviews on a number of topics from the world of technology, including posts on Apple’s line of desktops, notebooks, iPhones, iPads, iPods, and accessories.

In his farewell post on AnandTech published yesterday, Shimpi stated that he "won’t stay idle forever" and added that there are "a bunch of challenges out there."

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AnandTech Founder Anand Shimpi Is Heading To Apple

anand A day after announcing his retirement from writing, it’s come to light that veteran journalist Anand Shimpi will soon be joining Apple. The move, which was first reported by Re/code earlier today, was confirmed by the company. Read More

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Scientists Empirically Discover the Best Cheese for Pizza

Scientists Empirically Discover the Best Cheese for Pizza

Advancements in pizza science is very serious business. Even the military has been experimenting with strange methods on how to extend the life of the average pizza. Now, science aims to answer a question that’s puzzled mankind ever since the dish was created: What cheese is the best?

Turns out the answer is mozzarella.

Originally spotted by NPR, a paper appearing in the Journal of Food Science titled "Quantification of Pizza Baking Properties of Different Cheeses, and Their Correlation with Cheese Functionality," aims to answer the century-long culinary quandary and is also the most delicious-sounding scientific study I’ve ever heard. The study focused specifically on the interplay between cheeses on a pizza once they’re baked. Professor Bryony James, who was associated with the study, breaks down the group’s methodology behind eventually selecting mozzarella as the undisputed pizza cheese champion.

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Samsung has a soundbar that matches your curved TV

Samsung Curved Soundbar

Let’s say you bought a pricey curved TV, only to remember that your existing soundbar is (gasp!) flat. Will you have to live with that geometry mismatch for the life of your set? Not if Samsung has its way. It just unveiled the Curved Soundbar, which it says is the first audio system designed to match curved screens — specifically, the company’s 55- and 65-inch sets. The aluminum-clad device looks the part, of course, although it also promises some better-than-average audio with 8.1-channel surround support and side speakers that add to the immersion. There’s no word on just when the curvy peripheral will show up or how much it will cost, but it’s likely to sit on the higher end of the price spectrum.

There is some good news if you’re not interested in expensive TV audio. Samsung is adding a low-end model, the M3 (below), to its multi-room wireless audio system. The firm isn’t saying just what kind of output you’ll get from the M3 right now, although it’s safe to presume that the smaller speaker won’t deliver quite as much oomph as the M5 or M7. It will, however, add rich Spotify Connect support; you’ll get to stream your tunes through multiple M-series speakers at the same time. It’s doubtful that the M3 will sway you from the Sonos Play:1 or other lower-cost wireless speakers that you might already own, but it’s nice to have another major alternative.

Samsung M3

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Typing Writer Turns Your iPad Into A Typewriter (And No, It Wasn’t Created By Tom Hanks)

typing writer A couple of weeks ago, Hanx Writer, a typewriter app from movie star Tom Hanks, shot to the top of the Apple App Store. I guess there must be something in the air, because it’s not the only iPad-into-typewriter app to launch recently. There’s also Typing Writer, an app created by Stephen Elliott, founder of the literary website The Rumpus, along with Eli Horowitz, Chris Ying,… Read More

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Send a “Pain Letter” to Get Noticed by a Hiring Manager

Send a “Pain Letter” to Get Noticed by a Hiring Manager

If you’ve ever applied for a corporate job and had to go through an online application process, you know it’s rather impersonal. You’ll lose the ability to stand out among applicants. Try sending a letter directly to the hiring manager telling them you understand their challenges.

Over at LinkedIn, Liz Ryan suggests sending a "pain letter" to a hiring manager instead of following the approved application process:

Ignore those instructions. You can find your hiring manager using LinkedIn, Google and the company’s own web sites, and write to him or her directly. You’ll write a Pain Letter, which is a little like a cover letter but much more specific to the hiring manager’s situation. It’s more friendly and human than a cover letter is, too.

You’ll send your Pain Letter in a white envelope along with your Human-Voiced Resume straight to the hiring manager’s desk through the postal service. You’ll avoid the Black Hole completely.

This tip could be risky depending on the job. You’re breaking the rules before you even start. You might send it through the normal application process and the hiring manager just to play it safe.

Check the link for other ways to break through the standardized application process so you’ll get noticed.

I’d Make a Great Employee — Trust Me | LinkedIn

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Yahoo Stops New Development On YUI

First time accepted submitter dnebin writes Yahoo announced that they will cease new development on their javascript framework YUI, bowing to industry trends towards Node.js, Angular, and others. The announcement reads in part: "The consequence of this evolution in web technologies is that large JavaScript libraries, such as YUI, have been receiving less attention from the community. Many developers today look at large JavaScript libraries as walled gardens they don’t want to be locked into. As a result, the number of YUI issues and pull requests we’ve received in the past couple of years has slowly reduced to a trickle. Most core YUI modules do not have active maintainers, relying instead on a slow stream of occasional patches from external contributors. Few reviewers still have the time to ensure that the patches submitted are reviewed quickly and thoroughly."

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Investor Pavel Curda Dumped By Euro Accelerators After Sleazy Emails

pavel-curda Pavel Curda, the European Angel investor and ‘mentor’ who became the centre of a media maelstrom after admitting to emailing point-blank requests for sex to tech business woman at a conference, has been shunned by the tech accelerators he continues to list as working with him. Curda has now been dumped by at least three accelerators, as well as losing his role as a writer with… Read More

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Sports fan lobbyist fights NFL blackouts, taxpayer-funded stadiums, and Comcast

David Goodfriend aims to terrify billionaires, end public subsidies for sports.

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